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Alliwa’s offer a trip down memory lane with Old traditional handmade sweets. Do you remember how Grandma made coconut ice or that creamy yummy fudge that’s nowhere to be found anywhere today? Well your luck is in! Alliwa’s offer handmade old fashioned sweets but with a modern twist. Our range includes Traditional Quince sweets, Creamy  fudge, Milo Fudge, Whiskey fudge and even fudge that you can eat with a spoon. Then there’s also the delicious handmade truffles a variety of Dark chocolate to whiskey. Try our PNut Candy Balls – a must for a peanut butter lovers!
Our Toffee’s are soft and chewy , and Liquorice are organic – isn’t that awesome? For those with a sophisticated tooth we have traditional Italian Biscotti in various flavours. Then there’s also Delicious Melting Moment and a Passion moment with a granadilla twist. Be sure to try our delightful range!

Mwenge, meaning torch in Swahili, are lamps mostly hand crafted by naturally gifted sons of African soil, proudly infused with timeless pride and inherent ancestral passion to carry and uphold Africa in their spirits to present it as unblemished as possible to the next generation.

Glow in the Dark paint does not need to be limited to scary, dramatic stage scenery or vampire themed evening events. This fun paint can give your room the personal, fun hint that will make it your own. Imagine stars twinkling overhead in a never ending universe, the subtle fluorescent glow of a fairies wing, the cheeky smile of a cute firefly. Maybe the ethereal outline of a ghost, a scary skeleton, the psychedelic swirls reminiscent of the 60’s or simply a glow in the dark light switch cover to guide you in the dark. Glow in the Dark Paint is all about creating a bit of fun in your interior once the lights go out!

Laser Cut Lamps, Jewellery Boxes, Decor & so much more...


About Us...
Crafters Market has been leading in uniqueness and originality for hand crafted items since 1996.
We offer something for one and all. Whether it's to create your own masterpiece... Whether it is an activities for the children, a finishing touch for your home or a special gift for someone. The ambience in our stores contributes to a unique and fun experience while being attended to by our friendly staff.
Currently Crafters Market has 12 stores across Gauteng and Mpumalanga. Allow us to inspire you!



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