The Mother of all Inspiration

Human beings are known to be selfish creatures. The least selfish of these creatures I believe, would be the Mother variant.

Once a woman becomes a Mother, her selfish ways are put behind her and she only has one focus. Her Child. Granted, this is not 100% true for every variety of Mother. There are bad Mothers out there after all, but I am here to talk about the good ones.

As a tender new born, we are one hundred percent reliant and in need of our Mothers touch and care. She feeds us, she clothes us, and she gives solace to our aching hearts. As we grow (so quickly I might add), we start developing a certain kind of independence. There is this want, this desire, to do things for ourselves.

This independence thing starts off at a young and tender age. We already start by wanting to feed ourselves when we are not even really sure what this thing called food is yet. In the process, we feed our whole face, our pants, the furniture surrounding us and any clever animals we might own that are preying on our every sloppy move. In your face Mom… in your face dog... In anyone and everyone’s face!

Next, we want to cloth ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we have mismatching socks with our Wellingtons boots accompanied by lime green shorts with our favourite button up shirt, our Zorro mask, Superman Cape and three sweat bands running up one arm. It’s all good Mom... everyone at the wedding will love what I’m wearing. Good times!

The next thing we want to manage is our time. We want to choose our bed time, our bath time, and when we want to do our homework time. We know what we need to do, and we know with every inch of our heart we definitely do not want to do it right now. Now is not the time. Later sounds much better.
And so it is. We take one thing at a time away from our Mothers and claim them as our own. Needless to say, our Mothers are constantly on the side lines telling us what they think of our decisions, not quite releasing or cutting the apron strings, but instead using them to guide us through these decisions and trying to assist us in making the correct choices in life. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t. Sorry Mom.

These are the hardships of Motherhood. When we need them, they are there. Even though while growing up we reject them on countless occasions and test them to the ends of the earth and back, they are there when called upon.

What a special kind of love it is that they have to offer. Unending, unselfish, pure. What a special warmth we feel with every hug. None other can wipe our tears away like our Mother can. And, no other quite understands us as our Mothers do. A Mothers love and support is something special to behold, something to hold on tight too, and something to be remembered and cherished with every breath we are privileged to take.

So here’s a verbal toast to all the Mothers out there. Enjoy this special day dedicated solely to spoiling you and thanking you for all you have sacrificed for us. Cheers, to being the best Mom that someone could have!

Author: Yolande Niemandt (Proud Daughter)
May 2016

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